Miss Me?!?!

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Life

I was looking through some old blogs the other day and realized that I haven’t written a blog since February 13 of LAST ¬†year! Technically, I’ve been blogging, but it’s been for work and hasn’t been on my own personal blog.

First off, my apologies. I don’t know how many of you even noticed that the blogs had stopped, but if you were someone who looked forward to reading them, sorry I took that away from you. Secondly, know that I have every intention of resurrecting this blog. I can’t promise that I’ll blog every day, but I will do everything in my power to blog more than once every 11 months!

With that being said, today while blogging for work, I started to miss THIS blog. I’ll admit that there have been times over the past year where this blog hasn’t even crossed my mind, but today for some reason I was overcome with the urge to write something. So going along with the missing things theme, I’ve compiled a list of a few other things that I miss:

  • Friends that don’t live within a 5 mile radius of me
  • Ecto Cooler
  • Being able to eat whatever I wanted and not worrying about how much I’d have to workout to counteract it
  • Wearing sweatpants on a daily basis
  • Playing competitive sports
  • Being little enough that if I fell asleep anywhere other than my bed someone could carry me there
  • My grandma and grandpa
  • The California Raisins
  • Good Saturday morning cartoons
  • Not knowing/caring where my food came from
  • Care Bears, specifically my Lucky Bear
  • Being able to play all day in snow and never getting cold
  • Having 20/20 vision

A lot of those things aren’t ever going to change; some of those things aren’t made anymore and some of those things aren’t things that will ever come back. It’s okay to miss things though, because when we do get a chance at those things again, it makes them that much more worthwhile.

So hopefully, this blog and me getting back into your good graces will kind of turn into that. Sometimes the things we miss, the things we wait the longest for, end up being worth the wait. It could also be pointed out though that sometimes those things end up being a disappointment. However, I’d hate to know that my triumphant return is an epic fail, so if you happen to think that do me a solid and pretend you’re super glad I’m blogging again. It’s just easier that way.

Here’s to a new year full of many more blogs than last year!