When Tragedy Strikes

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Family, Life, Love, Relationships, Religion
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I’ve wanted to write something about Newtown for awhile, but I couldn’t because something that rarely happens took place—I didn’t know what to write. Where do you start when something like this happens? How can you even try to imagine being someone in that school, being a parent or sibling of one of the children or one of the teachers? And how do you even begin to explain WHY something like this would happen?

In the days following the tragedy I cried nearly every time I heard something or read something related to Newtown. I don’t have children of my own, so my reaction surprised me a bit—but any compassionate human being would’ve been hard pressed not to cry when President Obama started reading the children’s names.

There is something else that’s surprised me though. I’ve watched interviews with the parents, read interviews with others, and while all of them are grief-stricken, none of them are angry. In fact, some of them have made it a point to say they’re not angry.

I’d like to think that if my six year old child was taken from me I could show the grace that some of these people have, but when it comes right down to it, I don’t know that I could. I believe in God, but I don’t know how to explain to you based on his perspective, why things like this happen.

I know he’s not a vengeful God—so for all those who think this happened because he’s not allowed in schools anymore, not so. He is someone that lives within a person, not within a place. I know he’s a loving God, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent his only son to the cross so that we might have eternal life. He’s a powerful God and it’s His will be done. So what would I say if someone came up to me on the street and said, “Why did your God allow this to happen?” I think it’d go something like this, “I don’t know.”

The thing is, we don’t know God’s plan. I’m a firm believer that while it may not all make sense in the here and now, eventually all the pieces will fit together. Know that it’s extremely easy for me to say that though not having had a child in Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th.

I don’t know where the blame on this one lies. Does it lie with our mental health system? Does it lie with the shooter’s mother for owning guns a mentally unstable child would have access to? Does it lie with guns themselves? Does it lie with the shooter’s family members for not realizing how deep the instability ran? Everyone has their opinion, but at the end of the day no one can say for sure.

I can tell you that I personally don’t blame God though. We’re the ones who live down here fighting, swearing, coveting, and killing day in and day out. And that may make him sad, it may even make him a little angry, but it doesn’t make him angry enough to CAUSE something like this to happen.

This is all just my personal opinion. I know not everyone believes in God and that’s okay. Oddly enough, it’s those same people who blame him when tragedy strikes. If you blame God under that circumstance, aren’t you admitting you believe in Him?

God is where the healing begins. Suffering hurts, but coming together in the wake of a tragedy, realizing that there is still love in the world for those around us, that’s where we start to pick up the pieces. We trudge along picking up more and more pieces, until one day we find that we’re finally starting to feel a little bit more put back together. We may never be whole again, but with the love of those around us and the love of God, a God who is now personally watching over those children, we begin to realize that it doesn’t have to hurt quite so badly.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Very well composed blog. It is a very tough subject to write about. There is no answer. There is no right and wrong way to look at it. We only see part of the big picture so God’s plan doesn’t make any sense to us. Great Job!

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