So for the past three weeks or so I’ve been counting calories and working out. If you missed Tuesday’s blog that talked about that a little bit, you can read it here.

When I work out, I have somewhat of a routine—not so much with the actual workout I do because I try to mix that up—but how I do other things. I get up at 6:01am (don’t ask), get to the gym, and either get on the treadmill or the elliptical.

The gym I workout at has a TV on each machine, so every morning I charge my iPod on the machine and while I’m doing cardio I watch the news. After cardio is over, I unplug the iPod and start listening to music while I do arms and abs. I have two workout playlists on my iPod that each have about 40 songs on them. Over the course of the past three weeks though, every time I switch from cardio to weights and turn my iPod on—I listen to the SAME five songs.

So I thought today I’d share them with you for a couple reasons. One, they apparently keep me pumped enough to do 30 tri extensions, 30 tri pull downs, 30 seconds worth of planks, and 75 crunches of some sort (the kind changes daily). Two, they’re good songs even if you’re NOT working out.

So maybe you add them to your own playlist, maybe you don’t. I’ve linked the songs to a Youtube video in case you want to check them out. Either way—from my iPod to yours—happy Friday!

1. Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

2. Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf

3.  Love and Memories – O.A.R.

4. Water’s Edge – Seven Mary Three

5. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

  1. wmarsau says:

    I don’t know a single one of those songs.

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