In Good Hands

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Health, Life, Work
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So. Here we are. Finally reunited. The last time I blogged? July 26th. Which all of you I’m sure know because July 27th and every day thereafter has been pretty sad due to the lack of blogs. It’s time to do your happy dance now though. I’m back and in a perfect world will start writing my blogs the night before so you’ll have reading material in the morning. Keep in mind I said a PERFECT world.

Anyhow, quite a few of you know that back at the beginning of August I took a new job at the hospital here in Ames. No. I am not a surgeon, although there is a picture of me in the OR dressed like one floating around here somewhere. My full title is Marketing Communications Specialist, which I’m convinced makes me sound FAR more important than I probably am. Either way, I’ve been here for two months now and I absolutely love it. I’m not going to get into the logistics of why I left the other job because it’s all semantics anyway. What I AM going to do though is tell you all the reasons you want to work for a hospital. I realize that’s easier said than done. When I got an interview for this job I was shocked and when I got offered the job I think I stopped breathing for a minute. So in no particular order, here’s what you’re missing out on by NOT working for a hospital.

  • Cafeteria food. I’m not joking. Cafeteria food has come a long way and ours is pretty awesome. Our au gratin potatoes are freaking amazing, there’s a salad bar every day, and every pay day is Taco Tuesday. Enough said.
  • The health benefits. Mine just kicked in October 1st and while I’m not going to go into detail, I will tell you this. They are ridiculous with a capital ‘R.’
  • The people. Our hospital has over 1,300 employees, but it doesn’t feel that big. People work together for the common good and everyone goes out of their way to be nice to each other. The other day I was eating lunch by myself and the CEO sat down with me. The CEO at the Register couldn’t have told you my name or what department I worked in.
  • Safety. Seriously. I’m literally 50 yards from the ER and maybe 100 from the OR. Something happens to me at work I’m in good hands. Like the AllState commercials.
  • Services. I had NO idea that our hospital offers as much as it does. We deliver over 1,000 babies a year, have a dedicated oncology unit, utilize a surgical robot, and have received awards for general surgery, among other things. I’ve lived in Ames for four years if you count college, and didn’t know any of those things until two months ago. It’s reassuring to know I live seven blocks away from all that.
  • Outside opportunities. The hospital is all about networking outside of the community so I’m now involved with a couple of marketing groups outside of work. I’m just getting my bearings, but I suspect that’s going to be a great experience.

This job has been such a nice change of pace. It had been awhile since I’d had a job where it felt like the people you worked with really, truly cared. They have gone out of their way to make me feel included and as I’ve been learning the ropes at no point have they gotten impatient or flustered. They have been those coworkers that everyone wishes they had, but rarely end up with.

So if ever given the opportunity, work for a hospital. You’ll save a ton on medical bills, can eat some pretty good food, and will go home not having anything to complain about. And if you ever end up in the hospital here in Ames, let me know—I’ll come visit. Maybe I’ll even bring a present – I DO have coupons to the gift shop!


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