Posted: July 26, 2012 in Finance, Life, Work
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Remember that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song? Whenever I hear the word ‘crossroads’ I always think of that song and the part where death comes for the old guy on the porch and his eyes turn black. I digress though. That song has absolutely nothing to do with my subject matter, except for the fact that I’M at a crossroads (that was a stretch, I know). Today is the last day for me at my current job—and if some of you are scratching your head thinking, “Didn’t she write a blog about this last year around this time,” you would be right.  You can even read about it here if you want.

I’ve never considered myself a job hopper. As long as I’ve had a professional work history, which I consider to be 10 years, I’ve had four jobs—and one of those I had for four years. The one I have now I’ve been in for 11 months, and I’m going to be honest—there is a part of me that feels bad about that. I’m with a small company that only has five full time employees and yesterday was the last day of someone else in our office. So almost literally in the blink of an eye—our office has gone from five employees to three.

This time around is different than the last time I left a job. The last job I had I’d been at for four years, which was about two years too long. I wound up hating that job, but the people I worked with were amazing. Here, at my job now, the people are great to work with, but we haven’t formed bonds like I did at my previous job—so it will be more of the job itself and interacting with clients that I’ll miss the most.

So why leave a job if you actually like the job? You guys know this. Think real hard. Yep. There it is. Money. I’m in a situation right now where I squeak by and if we’re being completely honest, which I’ve always tried to be with you guys, I sometimes find myself in a position where I have to decide which bill to let go late. I’m not materialistic by any means, but I’m not getting any younger and I need to be thinking about having a little bit more financial freedom. I hate that sometimes it has to be about money, but the fact of the matter is, is that sometimes it has to be about money.

Now don’t get me wrong—I’m excited about the actual job too. I’ll be working in the community relations department of a hospital, which I think sounds pretty awesome. I’ve never worked in a setting like that so my hope is that it’s challenging, but fun at the same time. Obviously working for a hospital the benefits are great, there are all sorts of wellness programs they put on, and I’ve heard the cafeteria isn’t half bad. I may also have a slightly distorted view of hospital life thanks to my obsession with Grey’s Anatomy—I’ll keep you posted on that.

So another chapter is in the books today. If this were an actual book I feel like this would be a chapter that left you hanging so that you’d hurry and flip to the next chapter. I’m excited for what lies ahead, and I won’t lie, I’m a little bit excited about the cafeteria food too.


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