Bring Me To My Knees

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Life, Religion
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There’s a country song whose chorus goes like this:

Be a best friend, tell the truth
And overuse “I love you”
Go to work, do your best
Don’t outsmart your common sense
Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
And love like crazy

ImageAll good pieces of advice, but look at that 5th line. ‘Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy. Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I hit my knees and prayed. And for the first time in an even longer time, I wasn’t in church when I did it. I sank to my knees in the comfort of my own home and prayed. I’m not going to get into the details surrounding the whole thing, because I don’t think it’s the details that matter. I think what matters is that yesterday, I felt like the only option I had was to get on my knees and throw up the prayer that I did—and I would be a complete and utter fool to think that God didn’t have something to do with that.

My boyfriend and I usually share a chuckle on Sunday mornings, because it seems like somehow, whatever issue we’ve struggled with throughout the week, inevitably comes up in a sermon. Those sermons are always hugely helpful, but sometimes they cause you to squirm a little bit. None of us like to sit for an hour and think about the things we do (or don’t do) that don’t quite line up with the way God want us to be. Those sermons though, the ones where I walk out of church feeling just a TAD uncomfortable, those end up being the ones that stick with me.

A few weeks back I wrote a blog where I spoke about how I’d been struggling with church. I really feel like I’m back on track, but sometimes I’m overcome with this general sense of hopelessness. I could attempt to explain it, but I’m afraid I’d lose half my audience. Yesterday though, inevitably, in church—the sermon had to do with that very thing and used Psalms 42-43 to show what we need to do when this occurs.

And you know what it all boils down to? Being honest with God.  You’re supposed to tell him what you’re feeling, be bold with telling him what you need, be authentic. I’ve learned that while God is anything but a regular person, you can talk to Him like one. Your prayer to Him doesn’t have to be some prim and proper prayer riddled with bible verses. In fact, it probably shouldn’t be.

The sermon yesterday ended with two bits of advice. 1) Pray, pray, and pray more and don’t lose heart, and 2) Expect hope to regain the upper hand. Both of which are pretty powerful pieces of advice.

So yesterday afternoon, in the midst of putting away laundry, I felt the overwhelming need to hit my knees. And when I did, words just started flowing, and I had one of the most honest conversations I’ve ever had with God.  I get so worried that sometimes that I don’t hear God speaking to me, or don’t feel Him working in me, and yesterday I think He did just that.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Great blog! Being honest with God is easier said than done. That is for sure. The results can be life changing though.

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