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Posted: May 17, 2012 in Arts & Crafts, Celebrations, DIY
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So like 12 million other people, I’ve become quite the fan of Pinterest. I think I’m a fairly creative person, but Pinterest usually leaves me wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So after countless repins, and creating my own boards–I’ve actually started to make my own variations of things I’ve seen on there, and I’m going to share one of them with you today.

I wanted to make some sort of centerpiece for my sister’s baby shower and decided to go with a onesie bouquet of sorts. Here’s the materials that I used:

4 smaller sand pails (found at Target for $1 a piece)
12 onesies any colors (6 my sister already had, 6 I bought at a secondhand store for about $1 a piece)
Floral wire
Fake flowers any colors (I bought 6 bouquets with 6-8 flowers in each bouquet at Jo-Ann’s for $9)
Floral foam (bought 4 at Hobby Lobby for $5)
Clear scrapbook stickers any kind (bought 2 at Hobby Lobby for $4)
Mini pinwheels (bought 4 at Hobby Lobby for $4)

Start by decorating your pail. I used baby boy scrapbook stickers and I think they look better having a clear backing, rather than a white backing. The pails could have remained undecorated also–personal preference.

Next, take a onesie, lay it flat and fold the sides in like the photo below. Then simply start rolling. I personally think it’s easier if you start with the snaps and roll up towards the neck. It’s also much easier if your cotton is somewhat thin.

Then, pick one of the ends to be your “bloom.” This may take a few minutes but just experiment with it. Try folding back the onesie, or pull out some of the fabric, and try to make it look like a flower. It will work! Then secure your rolled onesie by wrapping floral wire about 3/4 of the way down (this allows the wire to remain unseen). I also like floral wire better than floral tape because I think it’s easier to work with. I opted to put 3 onesies into a pail, and below is what my rolled onesies look like.

Now, place your floral foam into the bottom of the bucket and use the adhesive patch to make it stick. I like the dome shape that the one below provided. Place your onesies on top of the foam and then begin filling in with the fake flowers.

Once you’ve filled in with your fake flowers, it should look something like this.

I’ve made three of these so far and am pretty pleased with the way they’ve turned out. They only cost about $8 a centerpiece to make which is FAR cheaper than it would have been to do flowers or balloons. I’m slowly, but surely becoming a do-it-myselfer and I’m a big fan. It still bothers me sometimes that I can’t come up with the ideas on my on, but if I can at the very least implement them and put my own spin on it–I’m good with that. Until next time…happy pinning!

  1. That is an amazing idea. I’ll have to wait for a relative to get pregnant to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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