The Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Celebrations, Family, Holidays, Life, Religion
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How many of us can really, truly say that in our lives we’ve made sacrifices? And when I say sacrifice I’m not talking about leaving the last piece of cheesecake for someone else. Or guys—letting your gals watch last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy even though you wanted to watch coverage of the Master’s.

I’m talking real life, hard to make, sacrifices. The kind that keep you up at night when trying to decide if you’re going to make them or not. The kind that you make for the greater good, the kind that more than likely is going to make things harder in the short term.

Looking back on my life, I can honestly say that I don’t know if I’ve ever been faced with having to make a really huge sacrifice. When I took the job I have now I suppose I sacrificed some financial independence, but taking the job was really a no brainer when put up against how unhappy I had gotten to be at the previous one. I’ve been through some stuff in my life, but in terms of sacrifice—I haven’t had to give up a whole lot.

Today is Good Friday—a day that for Christians symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice. It’s the day that God sent his only son to the cross to die for all of man’s sins. He sent his son to suffer the worst death imaginable, so that the rest of us could live.

I’m not going to go into some long drawn out story about Good Friday because even non-active churchgoers go to church on Easter and know the story of the crucifixion, and the people who aren’t churchgoers at all don’t care to know the story. What I am going to do is ask you to take pause for just a minute and answer this question. Could you have done it? If you had the power to save others by sacrificing the one person you cared about more than anyone else in the world, could you do it?

I honestly don’t know that I could have and I don’t think there’s any shame in admitting that. When you stop and think about who God was saving versus who had to die in order to save them—there’s no way. We as humans are a pretty crappy people, and have been that way ever since the fall in the garden. We’re sinful by nature and the fact that God would choose to send his only son to die so that we might live is something I still can’t fathom.

Thousands of years ago, on this very day, Jesus was crucified. To some, that may not mean anything. But to others, including myself, today set us on a course that would lead us to eternal life. Some of you don’t believe that and that’s absolutely okay—but for those of us that do—remember that. It’s so easy to lose sight of things sometimes. We get so bogged down in our own stuff that it’s easy to forget what had to take place in order for us to be granted salvation.

But today, remember. If you forget every other day of the year, fine—but remember on this day.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Great blog. It is easy to talk about sacrifice. It is a whole other matter to actually do it. I am so thankful that Jesus was able to do it.

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