Weighing In (Week 7)

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Exercise, Friendship, Life
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All right. First off. A confession. Last Friday would have been the end of Week 6—and some of you may have noticed I didn’t write a blog. I was embarrassed. I, once again, had not been to the gym and didn’t feel like telling you guys. My apologies—it won’t happen again!

That makes me even happier to announce though that I changed that this week. I’ve gone 3 times this week and have plans to go tomorrow morning (hence the asterisk below).

However, there has been a bit of a hiccup thanks to the janky scale I bought on Amazon. I thought I had it all figured out in comparison to the one at the gym—but apparently not. That’s the last time I buy a scale because it matches the bathroom. Anyhow, according to the gym at the scale I’m down 7 pounds, not 12—and ironically I didn’t lose any weight this week, which is a TINY bit disconcerting. I need to not get so hung up on the number on the scale though and start paying attention to how my clothes fit and how I actually FEEL. Scales can be deceiving as you start to lose weight because they cause us to not take into account that we’re building muscle.

Week 7: February 27-March 2
Hours spent in gym: 3*
Weight Lost: 0 pounds
Total Weight Loss to Date: 7 pounds

BUT…I’m back in the swing of things now. In fact, I had a GREAT workout last night—40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on abs—and I hurt today. Always a good sign.

I’ve been here before, and then I went on to lose 50 pounds in 9 months. I’m on a bit of a tighter schedule this time around, but I have no doubt in my mind I can do it.

So next week we’ll keep this pace going that I have in the gym. I’m also going to really focus on how much water I drink. I drink probably about 60 ounces a day, which isn’t quite enough. I heard once that you should half your weight and drink that many ounces a day (i.e. if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water). Did you know that water is the only liquid on earth that helps remove weight safely? It removes by-products of fat and can help lower your calorie intake. And for whatever reason, I’ve found that I drink it faster if I drink out of a straw—so guess what I’m buying this weekend?!?!

Before I wrap things here, I’d like to give a quick shoutout to my friends Dani and Karen. Dani’s been giving me some tough love and she’s one of about three people who can actually get away with that when it comes to me. Past couple weeks she’s had more faith in me than I’VE had in me. Karen is on her own weight loss journey and has become quite the inspiration—her tips and encouragement have been immensely helpful! Thank you to both of you!

Here’s to sticking with the gym routine—and hopefully losing a few pounds next week!

  1. Karen Bartholomew says:

    Ok funny thing, at the end of your blog is a video…..I was completely confused on why you would post a video of driving a jaguar on this blog…..ads gotta love em!!
    Anyway keep up the great work! It is ALWAYS hard to start….I dont say that like I am a old pro because I to am new at this but gosh do I feel better about myself.
    You are correct though do not put so much faith in the scale, I always have and I have learned a valuable lesson through these ROC classes, muscle weighs more then fat.
    Another funny thing though….when we went to weigh in I didnt get the measurements I though I would have but then i get on the scale and there goes 15 lbs!
    So really just do what you can, push yourself and eventually you will see the results you want to!

  2. Jill Ford says:

    Steff, I am sure it doesn’t help that Bill eats soooo much food and then try to be around him and not eat! Keep going girl, you can do it!!!

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