The Five People You Need

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Family, Friendship, Life, Love, Relationships
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I came across a quote earlier today that said, “The only people you need in life are the people who need you in theirs.” Initially, I disagreed with that, because it seems kind of depressing—but the more I thought about it, the more sense I think it makes.

Think about it. Who in your life needs you? I think my family needs me. Their lives would be forever altered if something were to happen to me. I think my boyfriend needs me, and I think there are a few friends that need me. But outside of that, I’m not sure anyone NEEDS me—and I’m not saying that all depressed like. Think back to all the people you’ve known over the course of your life. My guess is that the people you were closest to 20 years ago, for the most part, are not the people you’re closest to now. People fall out of touch every day, and at one time or another certain people have fulfilled a need in our lives—but sometimes once that need is satisfied, we move on.

Anyhow, all this started me thinking about people we NEED in our lives. Friends, spouses, siblings, parents, children—all of them may fit the bill of the types of people I’m going to list below. It doesn’t matter WHO the people are, so long as you have them in your life.

Someone Who Respects You
Judging people is wrong—regardless of who it is you’re judging. Thing is, I would suspect that every day not only do we judge at least one other person, but we ourselves, are also judged. That’s why you need at least one person you know won’t do that. As we get older, we evolve. We change. We make different decisions than we maybe would have in the years prior, but provided they’re healthy decisions, you need someone who is going to respect you and the decisions you make.

Someone You Can Trust
Everybody needs someone they can confide in, but we can only confide in people we trust. A person you can trust would never take what you tell them and immediately tell someone else, at least not without your permission. Trust is hard to build up, but can be broken in the blink of an eye.

Someone Who Will Listen
Sometimes we just need to talk through things, and because most of us would prefer to not seem crazier than we are, we usually opt to talk to a person rather than ourselves. This person is a rare find because they’re someone who will sit and actively listen to whatever it is you’re trying to work through. Maybe it’s buying a new car, maybe it’s your fear of snakes, maybe it’s deciding what to eat for lunch. Whatever it is, this person is valuable because they don’t try to solve your problems, or tell you that something’s wrong with you—they know that just by giving you the chance to talk and have someone listen, you’ll come to a solution on your own.

Someone Who Shares Your Faith
Obviously, this is only important if faith is a big part of your life, but if it is—then it’s crucial that you have someone whose faith is just as big a part of their own lives. You’ll go through faith-based things that you’ll need to talk to someone about, and people who don’t have that in their lives won’t be able to help, and that’s okay. You don’t go to a doctor to figure out why your roof is leaking, or to a butcher to figure out why your dog is sick. This is the same thing.

Someone Who Will Love You. Unconditionally.
Having someone love you unconditionally means they love you without condition. They love you just the way you are. There’s no, “Well I’d love you more if you did this.” Or, “If you could change this, then maybe I’d care about you more.” A person who loves you unconditionally may not always like the things you do, but because they love you, they see those things as part of the total package so it doesn’t affect how they feel about you. They love fiercely. And without condition.

I’m sure there are other people we need in our lives, but these were the first few that popped into my head. I’ve found that people come and go from your life, and along the way they all serve some sort of a purpose. All of them. The ones who have made us laugh, cry, the ones who have ridiculed us, appreciated us, loved us, the ones who have hugged us, hurt us, and lied to us. Some people’s purpose is to be one of those five from up above, and it’s those people who make our lives just a little bit more bearable.

  1. diaryofasagittarius says:

    This was like a breath of fresh air for me! I know many people who can benefit from this post, reblogged it! BLESS

  2. diaryofasagittarius says:

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    Very helpful 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much! From day one of this blog I’ve always said that if what I write can affect just one person, then I’m happy. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Thank you for reblogging this! I’m doing inventory on my life this season and I’ve been evaluating my relationships with family and friends. This is just what I needed and right on time, at that!


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