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Posted: February 13, 2012 in Family, Holidays, Life, Love, Relationships
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Tomorrow is February 14th, which in my life, means two things. The most obvious one is that it’s Valentine’s Day. The other one is that it marks the year anniversary of my grandma’s death, and since she was more important to me than Valentine’s Day—I’m opting to write about her tomorrow, which means my Valentine’s Day blog is starting riiiiiight…now.

There are all sorts of different stories about how Valentine’s Day got started—in most stories though, there were several Christian martyrs named St. Valentine—although according to those stories none of them did anything romantic to invoke the Valentine’s Day we now know.

There is one story though that centers around a priest named Valentine, who refused to conform to a law put in place by Roman Emperor Claudius II. This law stated that young men remain single—the emperor believed that married men didn’t make good soldiers. Valentine disregarded this and performed marriages in secret, but was later caught and sentenced to death. On the night before he was to be executed, he wrote the first “Valentine” card to the blind daughter of his jailer, and signed it, “from your Valentine.” No one actually knows if this story is true or not, but it would seem to align with how Valentine’s Day became what it is today.

And what is it today? For every person that thinks it’s an unbelievably romantic day, there’s another person who thinks the day is complete crap and only exists because of consumers. So which is it? Well, I think it can be either, depending on your Valentine’s Day history.

Remember when you were younger and in elementary school, and had to make boxes for all the Valentines you were going to get from your classmates? And you’d spend extra time going through the Valentines you were going to give to make sure that you found the perfect one to give to the boy or girl you liked? Then if all else failed, at least you had candy to eat.

Then maybe as you got older you saw people get flowers, or other gifts—or maybe you were one of the people that got showered with presents. Then maybe as you grew up you always got wined and dined on Valentine’s Day—or maybe you sat at home and watched slasher flicks. Regardless, more than likely, it’s affected how you view Valentine’s Day now.

Here’s the thing. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is crap, but I also have a Valentine. I don’t place an exorbitant amount of importance on Valentine’s Day—but I know it won’t go forgotten. You always hear people say, “We don’t need a day to tell people we love them.” And you know what? I think I disagree a little bit. Today’s world sucks and I think that more and more, people DON’T get told how much they’re loved—so if it takes a day on the calendar for us to remember to tell them, where’s the harm in that?

This marks the 3rd year out of my 29 that I actually have a Valentine—and I’ll readily admit that it seems like Valentine’s Day is geared towards couples, so obviously this year—I don’t mind Valentine’s Day. There have been years that I have though—so I get it. You know what though? It’s not just for couples. That’s why if you walk into Hallmark right now you’ll see sections in the Valentine’s Day cards for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and even pets. It isn’t about being part of a lovey dovey couple—it’s just about love. Plain and simple. Show it to someone tomorrow. Maybe if we can all do that for just one person tomorrow—the world will breathe a little easier, laugh a little harder, and feel a little bit lighter–just for one day.

  1. Bill Marsau says:

    Great reminder to tell those we love that we love them.

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