Weighing In (Week 4)

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Exercise, Health, Life, Weight Loss
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Week 4: January 30-February 3
Hours spent in gym: 1
Weight Lost: 3 pounds*
Total Weight Loss to Date: 8 pounds*

Why the asterisks you ask? Wellllll…I’ll tell you. First off, I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I’m going after work, and normally I’d weigh myself on Friday morning using their scale. Instead, I used our scale at home—the one that I bought MAYBE two weeks ago off of Amazon.com, you know…the one you step on, see your weight, and then weigh yourself again 30 seconds later and have gained 4 pounds. That one. Anyhow, so far as I can tell—it typically weighs me two pounds LESS than what I actually am, which is nice—but inaccurate nonetheless. THAT’S why the asterisks.

My ‘hours spent in gym’ stat is a little deceiving too. I really was only there once this week, BUT—if you live in Iowa, you know that it was absolutely gorgeous this week, so I spent time outside rather than being cooped up in the gym. Granted, I probably don’t get as good of a workout when I’m just outside walking, but it was exercise nonetheless. Annnnnnnd…apparently SOMETHING worked because in the four weeks I’ve been doing this 3 pounds is the most I’ve lost to date.

I will admit that 8 pounds in 4 weeks isn’t QUITE where I want to be, but that just means I have to work harder. I figure there are 21 weeks left until July—and actually now that I’m doing the math in my head (math was never my forte), I’m actually realizing that’s EXACTLY right. 8 pounds in 4 weeks means on average I’ve lost 2 pounds a week. With 21 weeks left, if you take that times 2 pounds—that puts me at 42 pounds, plus the 8 I’ve already lost—that equals 50 pounds, which is EXACTLY how much weight I wanted to lose by July. Huh. Ends up math really can be our friend.

My tip for you guys this week is to not be afraid and yes, I will expand on that. I’m talking in reference to the gym. I think so many of us walk into a gym and are immediately intimidated, either by the people working out whose fitness levels are better than our own, or by the machines themselves. In all reality, BOTH of those things can help you—so you need to cast your fears aside.

First off, have you ever heard someone talk about a team and say, “they play to the ability of their opponent?” People operate the same way. If I’m on an elliptical machine and I have Crazy Workout Chic #1 on my left and Crazy Workout Chic #2 on my right—I’m going to try and maintain the pace they have going, at least for a little bit—because on some level I feel like I have something to prove. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Every single person in that gym is either to lose weight, or maintain their current weight—in other words, you’re all there for the same reason.

Secondly, the machines. Scary aren’t they? First, breathe. I haven’t been to a gym in the past few years that didn’t have directions on how to use the machine right on the machine. Now if you’re like me, you want to appear as though you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t. That’s when you go find the person who runs the gym and you ask if they can help. That is absolutely what they are there for, and once they walk you through the machines, it’s not something you’ll forget—at least I haven’t. You may even end up helping other people like I have!

Goal for next week is to have lost 10 pounds and spent 5 hours in the gym. Seems realistic enough—I’ll fill you in next Friday. Same time, same place.

  1. mlxensen says:

    Two Cents–Don’t worry about lbs. You can track it, but lbs. are a terrible measure of your fitness level. You should instead pay attention to how your clothes fit, how you sleep at night and feel in the morning, your energy level throughout the day, digestion, etc. These are signs of whether your exercise regimen is working. I think the most important measure of fitness success is “are you feeling better”, if the answer is yes, then you are probably doing something right.

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