Drunkenness No More

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Life, Religion
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So yesterday I started thinking about drinking—and not because I wanted to do it. I started thinking about it because I was fresh off a class that I’m taking through church and it had actually come up in a discussion.

You see, the Bible doesn’t say that drinking is wrong, but it DOES say that drunkenness is. I suppose that being someone who grew up going to church, I KIND OF knew that—but I couldn’t have told you where in the Bible it talks about that—but now I can and the whole thing has gotten me thinking about all sorts of things.

First off, human beings are imperfect—and the ones who think they’re perfect are probably the MOST imperfect. Ever since Eve ate the freaking apple and then gave it to Adam, humans have been sinful by nature. That’s our thing. We sin. HOWEVER, I’ve realized lately that many of us may use that as a scapegoat—it’s like we assume we’re going to sin anyway, so we may as well make a conscious decision to do so. And it’ll end up okay, because we end up forgiven for our sins in the end.

Last night the information I learned in this class just really struck a chord with me, because if you really want to live a Christian life—you don’t get to pick and choose which things from the Bible you honor and which ones you don’t. You should be doing your absolute best to honor every single one of those things. Sure, we mess up, but I don’t feel like I should get to say, “Well, I think I can handle my anger better—but I don’t really feel like giving up the drunkenness thing.” I’d rather try and fail at attempting to live those things out than not try at all.

So here’s my plan. I’m not going to quit drinking—but I am going to attempt to stop getting drunk. When I look back on my life, I’d go so far as to say that 75% of the mistakes I’ve made—have been made drunkenly. I’ve taken people home I shouldn’t have, I’ve ended up in hotel rooms, I’ve ended up at people’s houses I shouldn’t have, I’ve screamed at people, I’ve physically injured myself, I’ve been in legal trouble, I’ve woken up not knowing where I am, I’ve woken up feeling like crap, I’ve spent money I didn’t have on alcohol—and while the whole injury thing may have happened regardless due to my clumsiness—I’m fairly certain that most of the others wouldn’t have. Those decisions put me in positions that I had no business being in—not only were they stupid, but some of them were downright dangerous.

Nothing bad can come from me not getting drunk. I’m old enough now that I don’t feel like I need to be drunk to fit in. I’m also old enough now to realize that drunkenness typically causes way more harm than good.

I’m not always as patient as I should be. Or tolerant. Or loving towards those that matter most. I work on those things on a daily basis and some days are better than others. There are a whole slew of things that I can work on—and this drunkenness thing is one of them. Do I go out like I used to and get ridiculous? Absolutely not, but it still affects my decision making and my interactions with other people.

Some of you won’t agree with this. Some people probably didn’t even make it this far in the blog because I started talking about the Bible—and to each their own. I’m not throwing this in your face telling you that YOU need to do it, I’m making this decision for myself—I just ask that you respect what I’ve decided.  I know what I believe and I know what I need to do. I’ll still drink some with you—it’s just that I’ll quit so I can drive you home and tell you all the things you don’t remember from the night before. And make fun of you when you feel like garbage the next day. Deal?

  1. Kristy Tonderum says:

    I’m right there in the same boat with you, Steph. For a number of reasons I don’t feel drunkenness needs to be part of my life anymore. Good luck!!!

  2. TJ Tuetken says:

    Great post and impactful with the context of drinking and the bible.

  3. Jason Ick says:

    I like it! But can we park your car illegally totally sober and see what happens? Hey think of it this way we will actually be able to buy something at Walgreens this time!

  4. cdub says:

    So no drunkenness, but can we still get together over a few casually well-spaced out drinks sometime? Please? Thanks. We could even talk about the bible if that helps, I am not afraid!

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