Weighing In (Week 3)

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Exercise, Health, Life, Weight Loss
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I know you guys look forward to me posting this on Friday, but I have to post it a day early this week. Tomorrow marks the year anniversary of me and Bill—and tomorrow’s blog is going to be a doozy that’s centered around that. So, my Weighing In blog is getting posted earlier this week.

Week 1: January 23-27
Hours spent in gym: 2
Weight Lost: 1 pound
Total Weight Loss to Date: 5 pounds

Do you know what 1 pound of fat looks like? 4 sticks of butter—that’s 1 pound of fat. I don’t remember eating 4 sticks of butter, so I don’t know where all this fat came from—but I lost 4 of those sticks this week!

Big news on the workout front! The free trial was over at State Gym as of Monday and I started doing some thinking. There are currently no locker rentals available at any of the on campus rec facilities, which kind of puts a damper on going in the morning and showering. And based on where my house in Ames is, it would be unbelievably silly of me to drive 10 minutes east of my house in the morning, go back home to shower, and then drive back towards campus to go to work.

Sooooo…you’re reading a blog by one of the newest members of Anytime Fitness! And guess what? I got my lazy ass out of bed this morning at 5:49am, and was on an elliptical, watching Sportscenter, by 6:10am. It would’ve been 6:05am, but I had to scrape my car.

My home gym is pretty small, but it has the equipment to get the job done. In fact, they have the exact same ellipticals that the brand-spanking new State Gym had—the ones with your own little personal TV. And the best part is, I don’t have to battle 20 year old college girls who weigh a buck ten to use them.

I’ve done really well eating wise too—and I’m proud to say that my stomach is shrinking. It makes eating too much like I did last Saturday night thanks to El Azteca, a whole lot more uncomfortable, but it’s shrinking nonetheless!

Also. Word of the week? Stairs. I work on the 6th floor of my building and there are 128 stairs to get down to where I park my car. Yes. I counted. Generally, only one elevator works in this building, and besides the stairs providing exercise—they’re also just plain faster.

I know that last week I told you I was working out all 5 days this week. It didn’t happen, which means you guys are probably never going to believe another promise I make—but with the gym thing all squared away and me recognizing that I CAN actually get up in the morning—next week is looking pretty promising. I appreciate all of you who shot me a text or contacted me on Facebook to see how it was going—keep doing that! Next week I’m going to surprise all of you—and I realize you’re all probably thinking, “I’ll believe it when I read it,” and that’s fine. Just you wait!


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