Three’s Company

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Family, Life
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As some of you may or may not know, my little sister is pregnant—which means a lot of things for everybody. It means I’m going to be an aunt, and my brother is going to be an uncle. It means my mom is finally going to get her wish and be a grandma. And it means I’ll have an actual family member that I can buy baby clothes for.

The person it means the most for though is my sister—and I’m not talking in terms of it being a joyous occasion (even though it will be). I’m talking in terms of things changing. My sister is a 21 year old college student, and is currently living in a townhouse with 3 other people—among them are 2 girls that have become a couple of her best friends.

It had more or less been decided when she first found out she was pregnant, that there was no way she could live in the house after the baby was born—and it soon came to light that she may need to move out before that. That’s where my boyfriend stepped in. Even before the subject had really been broached, he had said that if she needed to a place to stay, or needed to move in with us—she absolutely could.

So last night, my sister ends up coming over because her roommates were partying. In the old days, my sister would have been right there alongside of them, but she can’t do that anymore. Last night she was angry, she was hurt, and she was frustrated. She knows that the people around her shouldn’t have to change their lives because of her—but she DOES expect them to at least respect the fact that HERS has to change.

I can’t imagine being in my sister’s shoes. Some of her best friends just don’t get it. And it would be one thing if they disagreed on emptying the dishwasher, but there’s a BABY involved here. I’m not sure what exactly there is to “get.” I understand that they’re upset she can’t party with them anymore, or that she may not have as much time for them—but SHE’S the one going through it. SHE’S the one who can’t party anymore, SHE’S the one who can’t stay up all hours of the night, SHE’S the one who needs more sleep than she used to. For once in her life, it IS about her—and it would seem as though some people are having problems processing that.

So this morning I call my boyfriend who is out of town for work and I say, “Remember that one time when you said that if my sister needed to come live with us she could?” And he said that he did, and he said that it was still totally fine, and he said, “She’s family.”

I’m not sure exactly when my sister will be coming to stay with us, but I can tell you this. In the past three months, she has become this unbelievably strong person. I suspect that’s probably what happens when you’re carrying a child. I know that she’s probably a little bit scared, but she’s not letting that show through—in fact, I think we could probably all take a cue from her courage.

So we’re going to have a roommate, and I for one couldn’t be more excited about it. I get to take care of my sister again. Maybe she’ll want to play Barbies.

  1. Jessica Scheller says:

    Totally understand what your feeling right now Steph! My little sister is also pregnant- enrolled in college- and she is just shy of 20! We must have the best boyfriend/husband (in my case) ever because he to stepped up without even being asked and said we can always make room for her and baby! Although she is living in a crummy apartment right now and trying to figure things out with the father of this baby our door is always open- and i find myself trying to mother her as much as possible lately! Best wishes to your lil sister and to her new life! Im sure she is more at peace with the situation knowing your there to support/help her 100%!

    • Stephanie says:

      Very similar situations we’re in, huh?!?!? And we apparently do have good men in our life–so yay for that! Good luck to your sister–and to you guys if she chooses to move in!

  2. mikemores says:

    I can totally see Bill playing Barbies with you guys! He is such a “Ken”!

  3. Mom says:

    Another AMAZING one, honey!!! I can understand why Meg was so touched when she read it. I am so blessed having the family I have~significant others included, we are all family and unlike so many other things; Families Are Forever!
    *Just one clarification~I’m going to be a Nana not Grandma:)

    • Jill E. Ford says:

      Yes, what a beautiful thing that you are there for your sister. Sisters are forever!!!!! And yes, i raised Bill to always make family come first! He is very proud of his family, and will not ever let you down when you need his help in that field. Now we just need to find him something else to do other than play video games!!!!! I have some suggestions, but we will let him move forward on that deal!!! i love you, and am very happy to have u in OUR FAMILY! jill

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