Another Year Gone By (Part 1)

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Life, Love, Relationships
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Ummm…where did 2011 go? I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by, which blows—because I also find that the older I get—the more I enjoy life. I think at the ripe old age of 29, I’m finally starting to really appreciate things. I think I finally get it. To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a little while, you might just miss it.”

For the first time in a long time though, I don’t feel like I let life pass me by this year. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I had a lot of things happen to me this year—so many in fact, that I’m going to make them into two separate “year in review” type blogs.

I met a man. Oh, don’t get me wrong—I’ve met plenty of men in my day, but on January 27, 2011—I met a man that I’m still with to this very day. Miss Hasn’t Had a Relationship That’s Lasted Longer Than 3 Months is now going on a year. Please feel free to applaud.

My grandma passed away. On February 14, 2011, my grandma slipped away to go be with the angels that she so loved. One of the strongest women I’ve ever known, she raised 7 children and I’m fairly certain she never uttered a swear word while doing so. She was so loving, and an unbelievably devout Christian woman—and all she ever wanted was a moment of your time. She played a huge role in my upbringing—and still to this day I feel a little bit guilty about all the times I came home for the weekend and didn’t stop down to see her. She is still sorely missed, but I have no doubt in my mind she’s in heaven—and she’d wanted to be there for quite some time!

I returned to church. After several years of fumbling around in the Catholic church, my wish for someone to help me branch out finally came true, and it came in the form of that very same man I met on January 27th. Going back to church has brought me closer to God, it’s strengthened the relationship I’m in, and it’s solely responsible for helping me form new ones within my new church family. I’ve actually written several blogs about it, including this one—when things finally started to click.

I moved in with a man. Same man from up above—so don’t worry there. I’d lived with males before, but never in this capacity—and I would be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing. I actually talked about some of this in a blog I wrote back in July—Living in Duplexes With Boys. You know what though? There’s not one single person in the whole, wide world I’d rather go through those growing pains with. I’m to the point where I can actually let dirty plates sit in the sink for A night, and he’s to the point where a ridiculous amount of clutter starts to wear on him (or so he says). It’s almost like we’ve started to balance each other out. Awwww.

Okay. On THAT note—I’m going to wrap up today’s blog. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the continuation of this one—it’s gonna get good!

  1. wmarsau says:

    Can’t wait for Part 2. Great recap in Part 1.

  2. TJ Tuetken says:

    Great blog and best wishes to a tremendous 2012!!

  3. […] back at the beginning of January in a couple of other blogs I wrote (Another Year Gone By…Parts 1 and 2)—so I don’t want to be redundant. Instead, in this blog, I want to list out things I’ve […]

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