The 7 Truths About Christmas

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Friendship, Holidays, Religion
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Well. Ready or not—it’s almost here. The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Some of you may disagree. Some may think the beginning of football season is the most wonderful time of the year, or March Madness—and while I’d ALMOST give you March Madness—I’m sticking with Christmas.

I believe that there are certain unalienable truths regarding Christmas and how it’s celebrated. Truths, that I think for the most part, everyone can relate to. For example, in terms of eating, Christmas is like a mini-Thanksgiving—which is deceiving because it leads you to believe it’s harder to overeat. Wrong. It’s just that instead of overdosing on turkey—you do it on almond bark covered pretzels and sugar cookies.

I’m going to list out a few more of these truths down below. I know these are true of my dealings with the holidays, so if you find that you can’t relate to them, just laugh along and shake your head at the craziness the holidays brings into my life.

  • You will inevitably get one gift that you:  a) already received at an earlier Christmas, or b) think is just plain awful. Regardless of which one, you will react the same. You will smile, feign enthusiasm, and say thank you.
  • Someone will drink a little too much. It may even be you. And it may even carry over to Christmas Eve mass, and you may end up with the giggles. In the middle of mass.
  • You’ll receive an article of clothing and will be urged to try it on and show everybody. Which you have no problem doing. Then you realize it doesn’t fit.
  • Some type of argument will arise. It could be about a loser family member, the attitude of another family member, or depending upon how much has been drank—it could be about the likelihood of flying reindeer.
  • You’ll go to bed far later on Christmas Eve than you should and wake up far earlier on Christmas Day than you should. It’s like being a kid is still ingrained in us.
  • The room gifts are unwrapped in will become a disaster area and will make you wonder why you spent so much time wrapping them anyway.
  • During at least one point you’ll forget that the reason you’re all gathered together is because of the birth of Jesus.

We know that Jesus was born on Christmas Day, but we don’t have to wait until his birthday to celebrate him. My mom’s birthday is on April 28th, but I don’t only think of her on that day. So, yes, there are certain unalienable truths surrounding the holidays, things that ONLY happen at Christmas, but don’t make remembering Jesus one of those.

Here’s the thing. I came across a quote earlier today that said this, “Christmas is not a time or a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

Act like it’s Christmas all year round. That’s what I’m leaving you with today. And I don’t mean eat sugar cookies every day, or leave your Christmas lights up all year. Give people your time, care more, love deeper, and praise God. It’s all because of him anyway.

  1. cdub says:

    You are full of infinite wisdom lady! And I can certainly picture you with the giggles at mass 😉

  2. wmarsau says:

    Great thoughts regarding Christmas!

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