It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…Spring?

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Holidays, Weather
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About a month and a half ago I wrote a blog entitled Let It Snow and it was full of ways to make the most out of winter weather. At one point in that blog I wrote this. “Snow=Christmas. Christmas=Snow.”

Well, in the words of Tom Hanks of Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem.” Actually, several places in Texas do actually have a problem today thanks to a blizzard that dumped several inches of snow and closed most major highways, but I digress. The problem HERE is that it’s beginning to look a lot like…well…spring. Or fall. Take your pick.

The other problem is that I’m torn on that. Christmas is four days away, and no snow is forecasted. In fact, in Ames, Iowa tomorrow it’s supposed to be 41 degrees. So this year we may really have to dream of a white Christmas—and I don’t know how I feel about that.

First off, can Santa’s sleigh still land on roofs without any snow? Secondly, can we still sing the song Jingle Bells since there will be no dashing through the snow? Third, if there’s no snow on the ground, how can I look out the window and say, “Ooooo, it looks like a Christmas card outside!”

On the OTHER hand, I remember a Christmas a few years ago where there was a blizzard of sorts on Christmas Eve. Churches were cancelled, traveling was a mess, and I was SO angry. Then I was just plain scared Christmas Day when we drove out to my grandparents farm—we made it, but I had my eyes closed the whole time.

This is supposed to happen to people who live in Arizona. They’re supposed to decorate cactuses with lights, and enjoy Christmas dinner on their patios. In Iowa, we’re supposed to kick open the door with our arms full of presents, and the snow swirling behind us. Well, not this year my friends. I’m afraid our Christmas will be snow free, and I use the word afraid loosely, because I’m not entirely sure that I’m sad about there being no snow.

Here is the one thing I DO know though. It WILL snow here at some point. Massive quantities I’m sure. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 29 years, it’s that Mother Nature is quite the prankster. So assure your children that the lack of snow won’t stop Santa and his reindeer, and feel free to still sing Jingle Bells. How many times have you sang that song while actually dashing through the snow?

No snow for Christmas in Iowa isn’t the end of the world. Or is it?!?!? That my friends is a WHOLE other blog. For the time being, just be happy you can get to your family and friends without snow impeding the process!


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