O Christmas Tree

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Holidays
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Oh Christmas trees. You are beautiful (or can be), but you can also be a royal pain in the arse. This past weekend our church put on a Christmas festival of sorts that they called The Christmas Experience–and what kind of Christmas experience would it have been without trees? People within the church could volunteer to decorate a tree any way they wanted. There was an Iowa State tree, a University of Florida tree, a tree decorated with recipe cards, one with angels, one with tennis balls, and even one decorated to look like a snowman.

Our tree has been up since the Sunday after Thanksgiving and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. We went fake this year, but I think the thing looks real. It’s a 7 footer (I insisted on having one taller than my boyfriend who is 6’6″) and has 1534 tips, which is apparently awesome for a fake tree. We’ve got a red, white, and silver thing going on–and it’s the perfect first tree in my mind.

Seeing all those trees this past weekend though just made me stop and think about the trees we used to have when I was little. First off, I ALWAYS remember having a real one. Secondly, not a single ornament on that tree matched because it was comprised of ornaments that me and my siblings had made. The tongue depressor cross we made at church, the cross-stitched Christmas present, the homemade Rudolph with the fuzzy, red nose. I’m fairly certain that somewhere my mom still has all of those.

Christmas isn’t about Christmas trees–but they’ve definitely become a Christmas symbol, and everyone has their own take on them. You can buy a real tree, or if you go the fake route they make them in just about any color now. You can use white lights, colored lights, matching ornaments, or not,tinsel, garland, beads, popcorn, tree toppers–you name it you can put it on a tree.

Anyhow, it’s really up to you. Right now, I prefer a nice, pretty tree–like the one we have at home. A nice, pretty tree that I should note has no ornaments dangling on the bottom branches because of our ADD-riddled cat–but a nice, pretty tree nonetheless. I suspect though, that at some point, when the ADD-riddled cat is replaced by ADD-riddled children–the tree may end up a little mismatched and that’s okay. Because as much as I like our tree this year–Christmas just isn’t quite Christmas without  tongue depressor crosses on the tree.

  1. cdub says:

    You would be so excited to see my tree (when we finally get it decorated that is). First: 9 ft tall. Second: 1800 tips. Third: I have lots of homemade ornaments 🙂

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