The Perfect Christmas Card

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Celebrations, Holidays
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Apparently there are 1.9 billion Christmas cards sent every year. I don’t know how reliable that number is, or how exactly it’s determined—but I DO know that this year our Christmas cards will be included in that number.

Yes. That’s right. WE decided to send out Christmas cards. Or maybe more accurately, I decided it’d be cute, I asked my boyfriend what he thought, and he gave me the okay. I will have you know however that he did have input on them and he thinks they look awesome. Now we have an adorable 7×5 card with 4 pictures of us on it incorporated with a pretty kick ass design that were delivered right to our door.

I know not all of you make it that easy though—and if we’re being honest, usually I wouldn’t make it that easy either. I’ve stood in the card aisle in Target or Wal-Mart, trying to find the perfect Christmas card. Do you go funny and get the card with Santa stuck in the chimney? Or do you go religious and get the card with a picture of Jesus in the manger? Maybe you go politically correct and get the card with no Christmas symbols and the generic Happy Holidays inside. Or maybe at this point you throw up your hands, storm out of Target, and say to hell with it—you’ll try again next year.

First off—know your audience. And don’t send Christmas cards to 200 people. Send them to people who are going to appreciate them—not to people who are only getting one because they sent you one. If you plan on sending them to a bunch of people who aren’t religious—probably shouldn’t send a card with the nativity scene. People with no sense of humor? Your Santa card probably isn’t going to go any further than the trash. My theory is to go middle of the road and then personalize it inside if you want—I think everyone wins with that one.

You could also do what my aunt did. She got a card from someone that had their family photo on it. She then went and cut out the heads of her own family from a picture, taped them on to the card she’d gotten, and sent it back to the family with a note that said, “Times are tough.” I think that’s hilarious—but my aunt and her family haven’t gotten a Christmas card from them since. The Santa stuck in the chimney card? Not gonna fly with that family.

So pick out your card, write a nice message, and send it to people who will actually appreciate it. Or go the route we did and find a cool design, add some pictures, and be done. You can even write one of those Christmas letters and make it rhyme if you want. Just remember that while Christmas is about giving—there’s no need to send out oodles and oodles of Christmas cards. Send them to people that are going to appreciate them—people that you really do hope have a happy holiday—whatever that holiday may be.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Good advice. I guess I was trying to send them to too many people in years past and that was messing me up. I will try to whittle down my list this year and maybe that will help. Thanks so much!

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