Wrapper’s Delight

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Celebrations, Holidays
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I. Heart. Christmas. Plain and simple. Every single thing about it—even the snow. Yes. I’m one of those who believe that there should be snow on Christmas. Although I would be MORE than fine if it melted the day after.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that due to my affinity for Christmas—every blog I write from now until one of the best days of the year—is going to have a holiday theme to it. For those of you who hate Christmas—don’t worry. For the most part, these blogs aren’t going to be over the top—unless I’ve watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel prior to writing. I’ll forewarn you if that’s going to be the case. Today, we’ll even start slow for those of you who just aren’t sure about the Christmas Blogs.

Every Christmas there is one thing I buy. It’s not mistletoe, or ornaments, or Christmas towels. It’s not a piece to a nativity scene—although I’d like to start doing that. It’s not eggnog because I personally thing eggnog tastes like mucus. Fruitcake’s out because I don’t think it tastes a whole lot better than eggnog. And Hickory Farms is out because I take issue with buying meat in the middle of the mall. Give up?

All right. Drum roll please. The one thing I buy every year…..wrapping paper. Every. Freaking. Year. Bows are understandable—people run out of bows. But unless you’re wrapping refrigerators—you do NOT need all the wrapping paper I’ve accumulated. I bring all of this up because yours truly is wrapping her first batch of presents tonight.

I can spend upwards of 30 minutes in the wrapping paper aisle and still leave with nothing. I never buy the 4 packs because inevitably there’s one ugly one in there. I don’t buy paper with glitter on it because glitter is just annoying. I also don’t buy paper with muted reds or greens because it just isn’t the same.

I have little kids wrapping paper, fun wrapping paper, and classic wrapping paper. Paper with snowmen, paper with Santa, paper with polka dots. Paper with Christmas trees, paper with reindeer, and plain colored paper. And I admit that sometimes I worry that people will be like, “Ooooo. She wrapped my present in this last year.” Then I realize that not everyone has a photographic memory like I do—but then I also pick up a new roll of wrapping paper. Just in case.

I’ve only bought one new roll this year though. So far. But it was everything I look for in a wrapping paper. It came by itself, it wasn’t glittery, it was classic red and green—and the very best part? On sale for NINETY SEVEN CENTS at your friendly, neighborhood Wal-Mart where they’re constantly rolling back prices. 🙂

So tonight I wrap. W-R-A-P. Not R-A-P. Although maybe I’ll do that too. Rap song about wrapping? Okay. Maybe not. But I am going to wrap presents, because a tree with no presents underneath it isn’t near as pretty as one WITH presents. Especially presents wrapped in MY paper.


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