Let It Snow

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Celebrations, Holidays, Weather
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My title makes some of you curse doesn’t it? Don’t lie. Before you go berating me about me giving Mother Nature the go ahead to dump inches upon inches of snow on us—let me give you the facts.

First off, it snowed last night and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. We set the clocks back, it gets dark at 4:30 now, and the first day of winter is still 42 days away.

Secondly, I’m not a huge fan of the white stuff. I hate driving in it, I don’t like being out in it—especially if it’s windy, and I HATE having to scrape my car. BUT…I live in Iowa. And when you live here—snow is inevitable, no matter how much you wish that weren’t so.

So suck it up. Iowa has seasons—and we Iowans complain during two of them. We complain in the summer because we wish it were cooler, and we complain in the winter because we wish it were warmer. Go figure. Fact of the matter is—I think we should be happy we still live somewhere that experiences all four seasons—and if you disagree, then I think you should move to Florida or California so we don’t have to hear you complain anymore.

For those of you who don’t have the money to do that, and for those of us who are going to lose sight of the beauty of having all four seasons come January—I’m going to list out some things that might make you look at snow a little differently.

Allergies are gone. Now if you’re allergic to Whiskers the Cat, or Buster the Dog—you’re s.o.l. whatever season it is. But if it’s ragweed or pollen that’s got you down—you should embrace winter almost as much as a sled dog driver.

Hot chocolate. I realize you can drink this whenever you want—but regardless of whether it’s homemade, from a gas station, or comes from a packet of Swiss Miss—I honestly feel like it tastes better if there’s snow on the ground.

Snuggling. This is basically what the song Let It Snow is about—so you had to have assumed it was going to make the list. Snuggling is cuddling in the winter. You don’t snuggle in the summer because it’s too damn hot and sweating on each other isn’t cute. Staying warm together is though. You snuggle in the winter, under a blanket, with hot chocolate. Excited about snow yet?!

Snowpeople & Snowballs. Want to feel like you’re 10 again? Build a snowman or woman, followed by a snowball fight. Seriously. Put on your winter clothes and do it. I had a roommate from Orlando when I lived in Memphis and she got SO excited when it snowed a half an inch that she built a little snowman that couldn’t have been more than 8 inches tall. We should all be so excited about snow.

Snowsports. I can’t ski. Most days I’m lucky if I can walk without falling down—so skiing is out for me. But I will tube and sled with the best of them—and it’s even more fun if you do it at night. Best part? Afterwards you can drink hot chocolate!

Excuse. Yep. That’s right. Snow makes a GREAT excuse. Don’t feel like going out to the bar? Or to the local middle school’s rendition of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever? Or maybe you just want to stay home and snuggle. Either way play the “it’s too cold out” card. Or the “I don’t like driving in the winter” card. Either one will work thanks to the greatest excuse ever—snow.

Christmas. I hinted at it above—but you HAD to know this one was coming. Snow=Christmas. Christmas=Snow. It’s a wonderful thing. And if I lived somewhere that didn’t have snow on Christmas—I’m not sure what I’d do. How do you sing Winter Wonderland, or It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, if there’s no snow? I’m sorry—but a cactus covered in twinkle lights is not the same as icicle lights hanging from a roof intermixed with REAL icicles.

All right. So I probably did sugarcoat this a little bit. I get as sick of winter as the rest of you. I left out the parts about having to wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning so your car can warm up. I purposely forgot mentioning those days where the high is 4, but thanks to a north wind it feels like -32. And I absolutely blew by anything that has to do with shoveling.

The thing is this. This happens every year—and if we’d just spend as much time doing fun things DURING it as we do complaining about it—it’d be over before we know it. So if you want to go tubing and drink some hot chocolate, call me. I can do both of them like a champ. I can snuggle like a champ too, but you don’t get to call me for that. That’s creepy.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Great take on some of the great things that come along with the winter season.

  2. Carrie says:

    I LOVE this!! Winter is an amazing time of the year. I’m glad it doesn’t last longer than it does BUT I appreciate it for all the reasons you listed. Thanks for this Steph! I hope you’re doin grreat! 🙂

  3. cdub says:

    OK. Winter or not I am, wait for it, KID FREE tomorrow & Friday. If you have any plans, or just feel like a drink I have a wonderful state holiday on Friday, AKA. I don’t habe to work 😉 I know yuou have my digits!

  4. […] a month and a half ago I wrote a blog entitled Let It Snow and it was full of ways to make the most out of winter weather. At one point in that blog I wrote […]

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