Where the Wild Things Are

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Nightlife
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So this past weekend (yes I know it’s Tuesday…step off) was Homecoming here in Ames. Which I’ll be honest, I didn’t think was going to have that big of an impact on me, seeing as how I’m not in college anymore. And to be honest again, even when I was in college, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal–if anything you didn’t like Homecoming weekend as much because it took longer to get into the bars.

So my weekend began Thursday night. I went out with a friend, saw some live music, and drank too many rum and diets out of a Mason jar (on purpose–they were only $3)! Friday I felt like crap most of the day–but then talked to my sister around 5:30 and she summoned me to Mickey’s. Now normally I wouldn’t have gone because it’s Campustown–BUT because it was Homecoming weekend I had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t feel old in the bar. And I was right. I left her around 7…and then rejoined the festivities around 10, which resulted in us going BACK to the bar. We tried a packed one, which was dumb–then went back to Mickey’s. The marching band came in and played, I got hit on by a couple old guys, and my sister got us free drinks.

So it was fun. Lots of fun actually. I love hanging out with my sister, and I don’t mind frequenting the college bars every now and then–but this past weekend did teach me some things about drinking with the youngins. Or maybe more accurately, reminded me of some of the things I USED to know due to my being a Campustown connoisseur.

  • It’s STILL unacceptable to turn down shots.
  • It pays to know bar staff. I knew them and now my sister does. And it all equals not having to wait in line at the door AND at the bar. Score!
  • There are still girls who dress like complete and total whores and will actually wear LESS clothes as it gets colder.
  • Campustown drink specials have to be among the best in the nation.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re 21, 31, or 41–after the bar, nothing tastes better than something from a food cart on Welch Ave.
  • Police in the bar won’t do anything to you if you don’t look suspicious i.e. put your drink down and hide behind someone.
  • If you don’t know the NAME on your fake ID (I’m talking to you, girl behind us at Cy’s), you’re probably not getting in.
  • I’m good with Mickey’s, but I am too old to go into their basement bar. There’s too much fog, the floor is slippery, and there’s A LOT of dry humping going on.

I will admit that while it was awesome hanging out with my sister and her roommates, the whole thing was a bit nostalgic. It made me want my old college friends there along with everyone else–and I believe that several of them got texts Thursday and Friday night telling them as much. 🙂 I guess my point maybe is that I’m adjusting to not being in school but living in a college town, and MY college town at that.

So I’ll go out on the occasional Thursday night, maybe even the following Friday night. But I won’t do it every weekend, I’m not wearing a slutty outfit, and I refuse to go into Mickey’s basement. I also insist that if you went to college with me–you come back some time and we’ll tear this town up like we used to. So long as there’s a Super Dog in it for me after we’re done.




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