Where the Party At?

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Friendship, Life, Relationships
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It’s been a long time since you guys have been blessed with new blogs two days in a row. Congratulations! Hopefully your day doesn’t feel quite as empty anymore.

Here’s the scoop. In 8 days (8 days, 9 hours, and 12 minutes if you want to get technical–it was 11:09am when I typed this part) I will be 29 years old and for the first time in my life that I can remember–I don’t want to celebrate by having a huge party (I’m pretty sure when I was one, I didn’t really care). For the first time in my 20’s–I don’t want to celebrate by getting rip-roaring drunk at a local watering hole where I would inevitably fall down and tear a hole in one of the two pairs of jeans that don’t already have holes.

So what’s all this mean? Am I getting old? Boring? Mature? Smart? All of the above? I’ll admit that I don’t know about mature and smart–because there are times as recent as yesterday where I don’t feel like I exhibited those qualities. I’ve always seen age as just a number–otherwise I probably would have had a bigger problem dating a guy who was 42 when I was 24, which made him older than my parents at the time. Our ages were palindromes. It’s cool. And I don’t find myself particularly boring. I still make people laugh, when I do go out I’m not the loner girl who sits in the corner by herself, and on the rare occasion I revert back to my college days courtesy of my 21 year old sister and her roommates–I find that I can usually still hang like I used to (so long as it’s not back to back nights).

So what gives? Why no party? All right. I’m going to tell you something. But don’t tell anyone else. In my “old” age, I’ve calmed down. Who would’ve thought right? Who would have ever thought that the girl who wrestled her roommate in the rain in their apartment courtyard would ever calm down? Or the girl who got an OWI on a Thursday night and tear gassed the next night? Or what about the the girl who used to start drinking at 3pm on a Friday and drink pretty much straight through until 2am Saturday night?

First off, that girl sounds crazy and like a borderline alcoholic. Secondly, that girl is me (obviously) and at the age of 29 (almost), I think I can officially say I’m partied out. Sure I’ll still drink more than I should at weddings, or sometimes football games, or good friends’ birthday parties–but it doesn’t happen like it used to. I’ve figured out that it’s kind of nice not being hungover, and that I no longer get excited about going to loud, crowded bars and dropping $3+ for a drink. Here’s just a few other things I’ve figured out in my wise, old age:

  • I need 7-8 hours of sleep. You hear about this, you read about it, and you scoff at it. I don’t anymore. I’m a bitch if I get less, and I’m a zombie if I get more.
  • I can’t hardly eat fast food anymore. I suspect that has to do something with the fact that I no longer own a gall bladder, but if I eat fast food now there better be a bathroom no farther than 50 feet away.
  • Hangovers are worse. Back in the day, I remember going out 4…5 nights in a row and I never remember hurting. Now I have six beers in four hours and I’m hungover for two days.
  • Moms are amazing. I’m exhausted after work and it takes all I have to do household stuff when I get home. Moms do it all with kids thrown into the mix! I don’t remember thinking about that when I was 16.
  • Vitamins help. When I was younger I just thought Flintstones vitamins tasted good. I didn’t realize there was an actual benefit to them.
  • Unplugging unused appliances saves electricity. Even if an appliance isn’t on–if it’s plugged into an outlet, it can still use energy. So now every day after I make my whole wheat Eggo waffles, I unplug the toaster.
  • It’s hard to keep in touch. I jokingly tell people that I want everyone I’ve ever known to live in the same town. It’d be nice, but isn’t very feasible. Thing is, the people who mean the most get it, and when they do hear from you, or you see each other–it’s like nothing ever changed.
  • Relationships are bipolar. What I mean by this is that they’re happy and sad, easy and hard, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. You know the one constant they have though? They’re worth it.

So there you have it. I’ve also learned that I really like sun-dried tomatoes but not regular tomatoes, that scallops don’t have much taste, alligator does NOT taste like chicken, and that lobster is pretty freaking good. And you know what the best part is? I have ALL sorts of things left to learn. Some of them good, some bad, some funny, some not. All I know is that I’m not as scared of life coming at me anymore, because there’s nothing scary about learning things and gaining experience. If I don’t do that, how else am I supposed to become that cute little old grandma who sits in a rocking chair with her grandchildren at her feet? My point exactly.


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