This One’s For My Homies

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Friendship, Life, Work
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It’s upon us. My last day of work. And I’m not talking about for the week. I’m talking about at this place. My job of four years, four months, and 17 days (not that I’m counting) is about to no longer be my job–and as of right now, as I’m writing this at 10:40am, I’m strangely okay with that. I was just thinking on my way to work today how quickly these four years have gone by. Four years is a long time, but it doesn’t seem like it was THAT long ago when I took this job.

Four years ago I rolled in here for an interview. I’d been back from Memphis for less than a month, had just left a job I’d LOVED, it was winter still in Iowa, I was depressed, and my mom was pissed because I hadn’t found a job yet. Funny story though. I’d actually found one working on the night crew at Target, but I’d decided after being hired I didn’t want to do it. Their employment offer is conditional upon passing a drug test within 48 hours of the offer–so I just never went to the drug test. Pretty sure that I could never work for Target now because they think I’m a drug addict.

Anyway, I came in here, sat down with my potential boss, and we talked more about sports than anything. I did a color test and off I went. I didn’t hear anything for a couple weeks and I was leaving Target with my mom (yes Target…I wore a disguise…it’s okay). We were getting into a fight about me not having a job and at that very second, my potential (soon-to-be real) boss called and offered me a job.

When I first started I worked goofy ass hours. At first I had Thursdays and Sundays off. Then I had Fridays and Saturdays off. I’d work 4pm-12:30am, 5pm-2:30am–kind of a modified second shift of sorts. I eventually did go Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm–but not until after I’d put my time in. Funny thing is, I never seemed to mind working those late nights–the night crew was busier, but we had more fun. We’d yell across the room, and my cubicle mate had hooked up old computer speakers–so jamming out was never out of the question.

My point is that the people here, my compadres, my friends, my homies are what have gotten me through. Through the late nights, the bad days, and the shitty meetings. So as a sign of my gratitude, I’m going to offer them some words of wisdom that I maybe couldn’t have offered them before today. Best part is, the things I’m about to say, are actually pretty relevant to all of us–even if you didn’t have the pleasure of working with me. 🙂

1. Stuff is going to go on here that you don’t agree with. When that becomes the case, say something. Speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe in is not only your right as an employee, but also your right as a human being.

2. Don’t ever stop having fun. Over the course of the past four years I’ve had more rubber bands sling shotted at me than I can recall. I’ve been sent countless Youtube videos. I’ve been forced to say “that’s what she said” somewhere around 8,593 times. And recently I’ve watched one coworker in particular try to plank things at work. If you don’t like your job, you HAVE to do things like this to keep your sanity.

3. Don’t take work home with you. I did this FAR too often. And I don’t mean I physically took home papers or anything. I mean that I’d get home and stew about something that happened. Or I’d call someone on the way home and bitch about something that went wrong. Let it go. If you’re that unhappy, chances are you won’t be at this job forever–so don’t let it affect you when you’re not physically in the building.

4. Make friends with the people you work with. You see these people 40 hours a week–which can end up being more than you see anyone else during the week. Take the time to get to know them. It will make your day more enjoyable (provided they’re not assholes).

5. Don’t go out for lunch too often. I know it’s harder to do for some of us than others–I love Smokey D’s potato casserole and South Union’s bread just as much as the next person–but I could have saved a whole hell of a lot of money if I’d brought my lunch a little more often.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I know I cracked a joke up above about people having the pleasure of working with me, but in all seriousness–the pleasure was all mine. Don’t get me wrong–there are some people that if I have it my way, I will never cross paths with again–but there are many more who have made my four years here a lot more enjoyable than they would have been otherwise. They’re the people who have kept me going and they’re what I’m going to miss–but we’ll all be okay. And hopefully, someday, all of them will be somewhere else, doing something they love–because that’s what it’s all about. Even loving the people I’ve worked with wasn’t enough to keep me here–you have to be doing something you love too. There was a time where I used to think that was maybe too much to ask for, but I don’t think that anymore. Call it selfishness, call it crazy–I’m gonna call it happiness.

  1. Jason Ickowitz says:

    One more YouTube for ya Steph! We are gonna put down those dice for a second ya’ll and get some 40z tonight for sho!

    Gods got your back SH!


  2. April N says:

    I’m sure you’ll be drinking–if not already completely plasterd–tonight so don’t forget to wear your helmet!
    It was a pleasure working with you as well!

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