A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Celebrations, Family, Friendship, Life, Relationships
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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that we’ve all lived pretty interesting lives up to this point. Some maybe more so than others–but all of us has a story to tell. Maybe some of you have been to prison, maybe some of you are for real living a fairy tale, maybe some of you are homeless (although that would make computer access somewhat difficult), or maybe some of you have gotten royally screwed over by the recession. Either way you slice it, you have a story.

Regardless of where life has taken you, regardless of where you find yourself now, there have been moments in your life that you’ll never forget. There’s the obvious days of course–like your wedding day, the birth of your children, the day you got your first job, the day you bought your first house–those are the easy ones to remember. I want you to remember the obscure ones. I want you to remember the ones not everyone has. So if you take away the obvious days–what are you left with? What are those small, but not so insignificant memories that you find yourself recalling randomly?

  • I can tell you that I remember being around 14 or so which would have made my brother four and my sister seven. They were playing grocery store with one of those old school Fisher Price cash registers and my brother was the cashier. He kept telling my sister to go back and get more things off the shelf–he told her this three times and finally the fourth time he snapped and screamed, “You bastard! I told you to get more things!” It STILL makes me laugh to this day–especially since technically I’m the bastard child in our family.
  • I will never forget the day my aunt was babysitting me and we decided to make cookies. The cord came unplugged from the mixer and fell into the cookie dough. With no hesitation whatsoever, I picked it up and licked the cookie dough off. I received quite the shock though–both literally and figuratively–since the cord was still plugged into the outlet. Oops.
  • My grandparents put together this little scavenger Easter egg hunt every year. I don’t take part in it any longer, but I’m going to guess I did it up until I was…20ish? Grandma would write little clues in each egg and it became a running joke because I was SO bad at deciphering these clues. One of the very last years I did it, my last egg was hidden in the grill, EVERYONE knew it, and I couldn’t find it. I was outside for the better part of two hours and finally had an epiphany. Shortly after, I announced my retirement from the scavenger Easter egg hunt.

That’s an EXTREMELY small sampling of things I remember, which brings me to my point. I’ll never forget my parents wedding, or my siblings being born, or graduating from high school and college. I’ll never forget any of the funerals I’ve been to, the day I moved to Memphis, or the day I came back. You see…all those things are milestones…those are things you shouldn’t forget. Life isn’t made up of one milestone after another though. There are a whole bunch of other little things that pave the way between milestones. Remembering little things–like how you felt when your mom used to tuck you in, or how you used to lie for hours and looks at shapes in the clouds, or even the time peed your pants when you were 14–those things help make us who we are just as much as the milestones, maybe even more so. Those are the things that help make our story one we won’t forget. Those are the things dreams are made of.

  1. I think it was Faulkner who said “The past is not dead – it isn’t even past. So true! Thank you.

  2. wmarsau says:

    Very good point. It is the little moments between the big memories that really define the lives that we have lived. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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