It’s a Nice Day for a Fun Wedding

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Celebrations, Friendship, Relationships
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Before we get down to business here, let me start today’s blog by first apologizing for being a shitty blogger as of late. And by shitty I don’t mean the quality of my writing, I mean frequency wise. I haven’t been writing that much which I’m sure disappoints my public and boy do I hate letting people down! I know I said last week I was going to redeem myself–well this week I actually mean it.

So here’s today’s topic. Weddings. And here’s why. I have three coming up and was supposed to mail back an RSVP today for one of them–which isn’t going to happen since it’s still on the refrigerator door. Crap. I also heard the Billy Idol song White Wedding on my way to work today, which was obviously the inspiration for my title.

Anyway, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and have even been in a few. I’ve given gifts, bought the new outfits, drank too much, and eaten WAY too much cake. Regardless of how well you know the bride and groom, what there is to eat, or where the festivites are–some weddings and their receptions just blow. Others you walk in and are blown away. Some may NEVER be topped–even by your own. Below you’re going to find my top five favorite marriage celebrations. If yours didn’t make the list, PLEASE don’t be upset–these five are pretty remarkable in their own ways.

5. The Iowa State Wedding (Ames, IA–May 2009)
I was actually in this wedding and it was fantastic. The entire thing took place in Ames and as an Iowa State grad I probably appreciated that more than most people. We took pictures on campus which would’ve been a lot cooler if I’d worn my shoes more than just the day of the wedding. They turned out great though and our wedding party was awesome. I believe we closed down Old Chicago both nights, and I ended up locked out of my hotel room–but other than that, the weekend was a success.

4. The I Flew 1,100 Miles Wedding (Ames, IA–June 2006)
When you’re from as small a town as I am and two people you graduated with in your class of 26 get married–you better be there, regardless of your current residence. I was living in Memphis and went down to a week long conference in New Orleans, which is where I flew out of SUPER early on a Friday morning to be back for the wedding that night. I have horrible luck traveling, so I missed my connecting flight, but did make it back for the reception and boy am I glad I did. I probably had a shirt on I shouldn’t have had on (I hadn’t tried it on when I bought it), but any time you reunite with high school friends stuff like that doesn’t matter. And that’s what made this wedding so much fun.

3. The Historic Mansion Wedding (St. Paul, MN–February 2011)
You know how in some movies weddings take place in a mansion where the bride walks down this staircase and everyone stares up at her from a parlor with a fireplace and a chandelier? That was this wedding. It was in a mansion in the historic district of St. Paul, Minnesota and ended up being the first time I met all my guy’s friends–luckily I think I passed whatever test it was they had in store for me. Fancy hors d’oeuvre combined with an open bar and great music made this wedding the perfect mix of classy and crazy fun.

2. The Oompa Loompa Wedding (Memphis, TN–January 2007)
I should note here that TECHNICALLY I wasn’t invited to this wedding, but this wedding was such a production that they needed sound and lighting crews. I went as the kinda sorta date of one of those crew members. Anyhow, the girl that was getting married was the daughter of a man who has a monopoly on chocolates in Memphis. The wedding was held in the Pyramid in Memphis and everyone received a pyramid full of candy. The table numbers were carved out of white chocolate. Food vendors like you’d see at a fair were set up on the reception hall side as their food. The circular stage the couple stood on during the ceremony rotated. The best part? The bride got into a lighted carriage that got pushed by midgets dressed as Oompa Loompas, all while the Oompa Loompa song was playing. If you have something that can top that–you let me know.

1. The “Outdoor” Wedding (Minneapolis, MN–August 2008)
This wedding was supposed to be outdoors, but due to rain was forced indoors making it the only actual wedding ceremony that I’ve drank a beer during. A friend from home got married at an outdoor botanical gardens of sort out in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of us drove up there. We were bussed from our hotel, and from that point on craziness ensued. Between drinking during the ceremony, once again wearing a shirt I probably shouldn’t have had on (why don’t I try things on?!), a bridesmaid getting dropped on her head, and being with some of my very best friends from home–this wedding, in spite of the fact that it TOTALLY changed due to weather, takes the cake (pun intended).

I like weddings–although i think as a girl I’m supposed to. They can sometimes fall on the wrong days however. For example, my cousin is getting married the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, which means I’m going stag because it’s the first home football game. That’s okay though, because when you put a wedding in one of my hands and the first home football game in the other–you better believe I’m gonna try to somehow swing both.

Weddings and receptions are meant to be fun. No one cares what color your flowers are, or where the food is from. No one cares if the bride’s hair is up or down, or what boring song gets played during the lighting of the unity candle. They want the cake to be good, they want there to be some sort of drink, they want decent music at the reception, and great company. That’s it. Okay. Well. Maybe that’s all I want when I go to a wedding. Although to be fair there being some sort of drink can compensate for crappy cake. Not crappy music though. You play Takin’ Care of Business at your reception and I’m out.


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