Living In Duplexes With Boys

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Life, Relationships
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Well. I did it. It’s official. I now reside with a boy. And I’m not talking about one of my good ole guy friends. Noooo. I took the leap, made the offical address change via the United States Postal Service, and am now living with my boyfriend. I’ve lived a lot of places, with a lot of different people (see previous blog entitled Movin’ On Up), and while I’ve had a few boy roommates, I’ve never lived with one in this capacity.

It shouldn’t surprise any of you when I tell you that I became slightly overwhelmed when this decision was made. Moving in itself is stressful, but you add to the equation moving in with a boyfriend for the first time EVER–and I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I’m also the type of person who wants to go straight from moving to everything being unpacked. I don’t think it’s feasible, and I don’t necessarily want to be the one unpacking–I just want the unpacking fairy to come and put everything where it’s supposed to go. Then in a perfect world the declutter fairy and the cleaning fairy would show up in a 1972 El Camino with more cleaning supplies and organizational tools in the back than even I would know what to do with. But that’s in a perfect world–which we do not live in–so I guess we’ll have to do it ourselves.

Here’s the thing though. Now that the actual moving is done, things are slowly getting unpacked, and I’m not freaking out every thirty seconds–life is a whole lot easier. I have a few things I need to remember though and right now I’m writing them down just as much for my benefit as yours.

  • Things WILL get put away. It’s okay that right now Rubbermaid totes are stacked to the ceiling in the living room, and the can opener was missing for two days (I’d actually unpacked it and hadn’t realized it). Unpacking is an ongoing process and will eventually get done (it just better be done by the time football season starts).
  • Clutter WILL go away. The rumor around these parts is that I’m a bit of a neat freak. Let’s just assume that’s true. this would mean clutter is my nemesis. HOWEVER, as things get unpacked, as boxes are broken down (except the Goodwill box), and things become more organized–my need to carry a paper bag due to hyperventilation has diminished.
  • Take things one room at a time. Being the neat freak that I am I needed one room that appeared at least a little put together right away. That room became the bathroom. It’s all matchy matchy and just needs a shelf. The next room starts (and hopefully finishes) tonight.
  • Boys don’t generally care. My guy is not a neat freak and that’s okay. You know what that means for me? I’ve been given permission to decorate however I want and that makes me almost as happy as Christmas does. I would like to note here that I don’t do pastels or flowery prints (no offense to those of you who do)–so our place should end up kicking some serious ass.

Have there been some things I’ve had to get used to? Absolutely. But at the end of the day I can’t change the fact that we can’t fit the pot we boil corn on the cob in, in the cabinet. Or that the closets are just a tad too small. Or that if you own more than 8 plates–there’s no room for food storage. But you know what? We’re gonna make it work because WE work. Sappy I know–but we’re both invested in this place. It’s not MY place, or HIS place–it’s OURS, and that in itself makes it cooler than a lot of other places I know.

So we’ll keep unpacking, hopefully I keep the freak outs to a minimum–and then we’ll have you all over. Housewarming gifts will be accepted–just make sure it’s something that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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