Time, Time, Time

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Life
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Time. It has about 14 different definitions, but I think the one we’re most familiar with is this:

time [tahym] noun, adjective, verb
1. Something we don’t have enough of.

So what’s our deal? Is it that we really need 26 hours in a day instead of 24? Would that help our cause? Or do we just blow as time managers and those extra two hours we claim we need would really just be spent eating Doritos while watching TV?

I started thinking about this because of us driving to Tulsa this past weekend. The trip was fantastic (thanks for asking) and the drive wasn’t that bad. On the way down on Thursday it ended up taking us about 7 1/2 hours and that included three stops. (Sidenote: If you ever rent a car to go somewhere…ask for a Dodge Avenger. If you can get past not really being able to see your blind spot, they get awesome gas mileage). 

You guys know just as well as I do though that when you’re looking at a 7 1/2 hour drive back home from somewhere you’ve just had a ridiculous amount of fun–you start to get the shakes, and try to prolong the inevitable from occurring. So we didn’t leave until 12:30 on Sunday, and took an accidental detour to Springfield, which set us back a little bit. We’d had big plans of getting back and packing things up to move to a different apartment–but of course when we finally did get back, no packing was done. (Sidenote: This would have been hard anyway since it was storming and the power was out).

So if we’d had more time in the day, would we have spent it packing? I don’t know. It’s easy to say yes, but after 9 hours in a car–it’s a whole lot easier to say no.

Although my resume and cover letter state differently, I basically have no time management skills. You’d think being in my late 20’s I would’ve developed something that resembles time management, but I really don’t think I have. I’m a horrible procrastinator, but somehow I always get things done. Some people who are procrastinators claim that they just work better under pressure. I call bullshit. When I procrastinate and have to scramble to get something done–I get stressed out which results in me getting bitchy. So while I DO get everything done, I usually end up having to apologize a couple of times along the way.

So I guess I don’t think we need more hours in the day–I think we just need to use the hours we do have more efficiently. Now if that’s not easier said than done–I don’t know what is. I am trying to make an effort to do that though. Unless you count last night when I laid down and got sucked into BET’s showing of the movie Ray–pretty sure I could’ve spent those two hours doing something a little bit more productive, but Jamie Foxx plays such a convincing Ray Charles.

I’ll keep working on it though. Part of me suspects that once you have kids you’re given no choice but to develop time management skills. So maybe until then I can just keep procrastinating. Let me apologize in advance though for snapping at you though–better under pressure my ass.


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