Here we go. Day two of the list blogs. And this one is going to talk about attractive, famous people–people which are probably unattainable for most of us, but they’re still nice to look at.

So the famous people list. Some of you, or maybe most of you know what I’m talking about. You get a list of five famous people that you’d like to sleep with–only five though. The theory behind it is that even if you’re dating someone, are engaged, or married–these are the five people that you could sleep with outside of your relationship and your significant other wouldn’t get mad. They’d have their own list of five also–so no harm, no foul.

Now before someone starts yelling at me because I’m condoning cheating, or infidelity, or anything like that–calm down. This is just a fun little list–and if it suits you better, just refer to your five people as the ones you find the most attractive. I mean I’m sure if George Clooney walked into a bar and sat down beside you, you’d talk about the weather.

Now there are rules to this list, and the rules me and my people play by may not be the same rules everyone else does–maybe some of you don’t have any rules. Either way, here are the ones I abide by:

  • Your list may only consist of five people.
  • Your list can be changed at any time, but once you swap one person out for another–the person you’ve taken off your list is immediately fair game to everyone else.
  • There is a 24 hour rule. Meaning if you find out on a Tuesday at 4pm that Brad Pitt is coming to town on Thursday–you can absolutely put him on your list. BUT…if you find out Tuesday at 4pm that he’s coming to town at 8pm that same night–no dice.
  • You may have alternates–but if they’re not in your top five, they’re fair game to everyone else until they’re swapped in for someone else.

This may be easier to understand with an example. My list consists of the following people, in order:

  • Jon Hamm (this is the one person who has NEVER been traded for anyone else on my list–love me some Jon Hamm)!
  • Taye Diggs (does he really need an explanation)?
  • Jesse Williams (plays Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy).
  • Gerard Butler (if you’ve never seen P.S. I Love You–watch it. He’ll make your list too).
  • Mark Paul Gosselaar (yes–this IS Zack Morris…but have you seen him lately)?!?

Depending on the day my alternates usually consist of Mark Sanchez, Josh Lucas (Reese Witherspoon’s ex in Sweet Home Alabama), Eric Dane (McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy), Dave Annable (Justin on Brothers & Sisters), and Kellan Lutz (Emmett from Twilight–don’t judge me). So all of these people, as much as it pains me, are fair game to everyone else. I can swap them out at any time–but if I swap out Eric Dane for Jesse Williams–Jesse Williams goes up on the market, and I just don’t know that I’m ready for that to happen.

This is really just a fun little game of sorts that you can tell your friends about. Same rules apply to guys and girls, and sometimes it’s interesting to see who everyone would have on their lists. Having a list doesn’t make you a cheater, or a whore, or whatever–this is seriously all in good fun. Although, if you’re single, have at it–just remember the 24 hour rule. I’d hate to have you run into an alternate and not be able to bang him or her.


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