Movin’ On Up

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Life
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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that everyone reading this has moved at least once in their life. I’m sure several of you have moved far more than that.

I have lived in 19 different residences–2 dorms, 3 townhouses, 5 apartments, and 9 houses. Every year between the ages of 16 and 26, I moved at least one time–sometimes within the same city or town, sometimes not. I lived in four different houses in my hometown between the ages of 8 and 17, which is impressive in itself when you consider my hometown maybe only has about 200 houses.

Google told me the average American will move 11 times in their lifetime. ELEVEN?!?! Shiiiiiiit. I surpassed that six years ago. So what’s my point? I’ve moved a lot, and the actual act of moving SUCKS. However, every single place you live ends up creating a story of some sort. With having lived 19 different places there’s no way I can tell a story or talk about memories I have of each place–so here’s a sampling of a few of them.

Apartment #1
Age: 12
This place had the honor of being the site for my first boy/girl party. I don’t remember much about it, so obviously I didn’t end up in a closet with a boy–either that or it just wasn’t memorable. What I DO remember though is breaking out a Ouija board. I don’t remember what we asked, but that thing moved and everyone SWORE they weren’t the ones doing it. I haven’t touched a Ouija board since.

House #4
Age: 15
This house sat a block from the school which was actually pretty awesome. One day a couple friends and I ventured over there during a free period to make lunch, even though we weren’t on open campus. About 20 minutes later in walks my mom (who worked at the school at the time) with the principal. Apparently, the school librarian saw us leave and ratted us out. No one was mad, least of all the principal. We all laughed–even when I tried to bribe him with the brownies we’d been making. It didn’t work though and we all got in-school suspensions. Oops.

Dorm Room #1
Age: 17
I hate to judge people, but for a semester on the 2nd floor of Clinton Hall I lived with a girl who was quite possibly the smelliest human being I’ve ever come across. She just did not smell good–to the point where I couldn’t be in our room. Luckily, she didn’t like me and moved out at semester which allowed a much better smelling person from down the hall to move in.

Apartment #3
Age: 23
This place had it all. It had huge ass spiders thanks to its proximity to the Mississippi River, it had a kick ass roommate who used to print off pictures of the Garbage Pail Kids and tape them to my door, and it always, always, always had booze.

Apartment #5
Age: 26
This was the first place I ever lived by myself. It was a pretty cute little duplex, but was unbelievably hot in the summer thanks to one window air conditioner that really only cooled off the kitchen. If I could have made it work, I would’ve moved my queen sized bed right in front of the kitchen sink.

I’m sure there are other memories and stories I’m forgetting, but I’ve lived in NINETEEN places–cut me some slack. Some of the places I’m counting I lived in for weeks, or just a few months–some of them I never really thought of as home. Others were the epitome of home, and some I wish I still lived in.

The way I look at it I have about three or four moves left in me. I live with a roommate in her townhouse right now, so obviously at some point I’ll leave there. Then I imagine once I have a family and what not, there’s a couple moves involved there, and I’m okay with that. Like I said up above, moving sucks–but at the same time, it’s kind of exciting. It’s like a do over almost–you get to start over in a brand new place and make everything just how you want it. There aren’t many things in our life that allow us to do that.

So if you’re fixing to move, embrace it. You’re about to start another story, one that hopefully gets you closer to not having to move again. And don’t be ashamed of places you’ve lived because I would bet that even if you’ve lived in a shithole you’ve got some pretty interesting stories from your tenure in that shithole.

Also, if you’re moving and need help, look no further. And by that I mean don’t look at me.


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