Girls Like Boys

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Dating, Life, Relationships
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Once upon a time there was a girl who liked boy stuff better. She liked to read and she liked school–neither of which are very boy-like–but she didn’t mind getting dirty, and had a thing for remote control cars, Nintendo, and sports. She had friends that were both girls and boys, but when it came right down to it she’d rather play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nintendo than pick up a Barbie.

As the girl started to grow up, these things she liked didn’t change–but something else did. She was starting to like the boys who had beat her in Super Mario Bros., and the boys who pushed her down the snow mountain by the church. And so it began.

The girl went through all sorts of crushes, some older, some younger. And she even dated some people along the way. Some older, some younger. Some good, some bad. She learned something from all of them though. She learned that you shouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t seem to want to be with you. She learned that in her case opposites did NOT attract. She learned that sometimes you have to give a little, and sometimes you have to take a little, but you should NEVER do one or the other all the time. She learned that there has to be some common interests or else there’s just nothing to talk about. She learned that sometimes, no matter how badly you want them to, some people just can’t love you the way you need to be loved.

The girl had always had everything planned out. She was going to be married in her early to mid twenties after she was done with college, and then she was going to have all of her children before the age of 30. But the girl found herself in her mid twenties unmarried, with no kids. No had ever prepared the girl for that. No one had ever thought to tell her that being in her mid twenties struggling to make ends meet, sans husband AND kids, was a possibility. But she got past it and started working on herself. She started doing things to make herself a better person because she knew the one person she was always going to be able to count on was herself.

Once the girl hit her late twenties, she was ready for anything. She met a boy who struck her fancy, but it was short-lived because he just wasn’t the right one. He wasn’t really all that nice, and wasn’t really all that truthful. The girl needed those two things in a boy, so it just wasn’t going to work. There was another boy, but it ended up he didn’t really like sports, and had horribly low self-esteem which resulted in him thinking he wasn’t good enough for the girl. The girl needed someone who DID like sports, and someone who liked themselves, but not TOO much–so that one didn’t work either.

Then the girl met a boy who scared her. In a good way. Because this boy was nice. And truthful. And he loved sports. And he liked himself, but not too much. The girl went out with this boy several times and became smitten, but the more smitten she became, the more scared she became. You see…the girl had never liked anyone like this before and she’d been hurt by people she’d liked FAR less. So she started overanalyzing things, and she started being the silly girl that gives all other girls a bad name. The girl didn’t really know what her goal was there, but it seemed like a defense mechanism of sorts–and through it all the boy stayed. The girl would say and do silly things, and still the boy without flinching, remained. Then finally, one day, the girl was struck by a moment of clarity brought on by the boy voicing his concern about her silliness. She didn’t need to be scared anymore. She could stop saying and doing silly things, because the boy wasn’t going to leave. The boy loved her and that made the girl smile.

The girl knows now that there is no timeline for any of this stuff that comprises what people call life. Things happen as they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to. She knows now that real relationships are hard, but if two people can work together to fix problems within it, those two people stand an awfully good chance of being two of the last ones left standing. The girl knows now that all the other boys were supposed to do and say exactly the things they did, because if they hadn’t, she wouldn’t have ended up where she is now. And truth be told, the girl is quite fond of that place.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Sounds like a great guy. You should hang on to him.

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