Something to Believe In

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Life, Religion
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There are two things they say you should never talk about on a first date–religion and politics. Lucky for you, we’ve known each other for almost two weeks–so these topcis aren’t off limits anymore! So here comes the blog that some of you probably expected at some point, especially in light of my recent return to church. This is the blog that will make some of you roll your eyes, and it may end up that some of you stop reading right here–both of which are okay.

I think the reason religion is such a touch subject is because there’s so many different things to believe, and we live in a society where we want what we think to be right. I’m not writing this to rally you guys and get all of you to go to church. I’m not writing this to guilt trip you, or make you feel bad. I’m simply writing because I’ve had ups and downs with religion and I think I may have finally landed where I was supposed to. Back in that very first blog I wrote, I said something about how if one person is going through something, chances are someone else is too. So maybe this helps someone–maybe it doesn’t, but I can’t not write this blog because the subject matter is too taboo for some of you.

I’m 28 years old, and my first 17 were spent in the Catholic Church. I was baptized in it, went to religious education classes every Thursday night, mass every weekend, and was confirmed in it. I should be able to tell you all sorts of things about the Catholic religion, but the only thing I can tell you is that I don’t know a thing about it. After high school, I’d go in spurts with church; a month here, a month there, and of course always on Christmas and Easter. Whenever I would return to church, in spite of not understanding Catholicism and not getting anything out of the masses, I always returned to a Catholic Church. It was what I knew and I was scared to try anything else by myself.

The few friends I have that are churchgoers are Catholic, along with my family–so going to a non-Catholic church meant going alone. There were times I’d wish that I had someone to show me the ropes, someone whose faith was more developed than my own. I’d joke that if I just had a ‘spiritual adviser’ of some sort, I’d be fine. That ended up happening about four months ago and I was unbelievably worried at first. I was going back to church, getting more involved than I’d ever been–but all I could think about was how afraid I was that people would think I was just doing it to impress this person I’d met. That I wouldn’t be doing any of it otherwise.

Truth be told, that last sentence is true. It has nothing to do with impressing anyone though. I wouldn’t have been doing it because I still would have been too scared. I would’ve just kept lounging in my little comfort zone–not even realizing how great the payout could be if I’d assume a little risk. It wasn’t until I went to church on Good Friday this past Easter and left crying that I started to understand. I’ve left my comfort zone now, but I’m STILL not sure I realize how great the payout could be.

I have a LONG ways to go–don’t get me wrong. I can’t sit here and recite bible verses, and besides the gospels–I’m not even sure what the order of the books of the Bible are. I don’t dare try to get into any sort of a religious debate with anyone because quite frankly–I’m not well enough informed. Here’s the thing though. I know what I believe. Stuart Chase once said, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary.” That’s what a belief is–it’s trusting that something exists sometimes on faith alone. Maybe you don’t believe in God, which is absolutely okay. I do, but I’m not writing this to initiate a verbal throwdown on whether or not God exists. All I’m saying is that we all believe in something. Maybe it’s aliens, or science, or Allah. Whatever your belief of choice may be–I won’t argue, but I will say this.

If you don’t believe in SOMETHING right now, today, in this moment–find something. Maybe your belief is that we’re all descendants of armadillos–fine. Maybe you think computers were created so the government can watch you–awesome. Your belief doesn’t even have to be rooted in religion. You see–believing makes us human. Sometimes it may make us weak and gullible, but other times it’s believing that gives us hope and helps us to realize things will end up okay.

I know what I believe in and as I continue down this path I’m on I know that belief will grow stronger and stronger. I challenge you to do the same. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t sit and wait for someone to help you–you may be waiting on someone who was never meant to show up. I’m blessed that someone DID show–and I personally think they showed up right when they were supposed to.

So go find something to believe in. Belief in something lends itself to hope, and in today’s world–there’s not a single soul who couldn’t use a little more of that.

  1. wmarsau says:

    Best blog yet. I love this! Great job out of you!

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